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As a guitarist, artist and poet, heavily inspired by the transcendentalists such as Jerry Garcia, I bring a sense of the dance into my acupuncture/massage treatments. The last thing a healing modality such as this should be is rigid and augmented. The key word is harmony and that is what we should be aiming for always. The treatment of an acupuncturist should, in my estimation, simply be pointing the way. In a drumming/healing seminar I attended in 2000 with Mickey Hart I remember him saying “Never let go of the groove. Always stay in the groove.” That is in essence what the Tao Te Ching means when it says “My greatest wealth is my connection to Tao. My greatest sorrow is in losing that connection.” I recognize that most folks may not understand this. And I am perfectly capable of working and relating right here on the material plane. Still, I am aware of a far greater reality where the transitory affairs of the material world are non-existent and mundane. From this perspective real healing truly takes place, or begins to. It depends on our own ability to drop the layers of ego and get to what’s real. It’s not the path for everyone. I rarely even mention it when I treat a cop for a sprained lumbar or a woman for infertility. It does not need to be said. There is an element of this treatment that is conscious altering in a way that philosophy cannot approach. See me enough and the hard edges start to wear thin on their own. But given the opportunity, I love to work with the artist, the dancer, the athlete, that seeks peak performance and knows what it means to be ”in the zone.” I can give that added edge of performance or creativity simply in terms of the clarity of mind and extended range of motion. Harmony of mind and body becomes reality and the more work you have done in that direction before you come to me, the greater the synergy that our work together can achieve. If this speaks to you in any way, contact me.

Dean Scarpinato Powers Falling Down


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New Theme: Wire

Originally posted on The Blog:
It’s Theme Thursday! We’re happy to introduce an amazing new theme: Wire. Designed by the talented Justin Carroll, Wire features a wide, one-column layout and comes with support for all post formats. It’s…

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War By Deception

I am reading a book by Gilad Atzmon called The Wandering Who?  He is the grandson of a self described “Israeli Terrorist.”  He is speaking  to a disconnect that I experience as do millions if not billions of others around … Continue reading

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Pluto In Virgo and the seeds Coming to Blossom

Pluto in Virgo is a natural healer.  In some not so small way you experience the call to participate in world transformation on the levels of health and service to those less fortunate. You are also given the challenge of … Continue reading

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Across the River Styx

Across The River Styx (and the Rites (or wrongs) of Freemasonry) The Sun is exalted in Aries and it was in the Age of Aries (2332 B.B-166 B.C) that the Solar worshipping religion of Isis, Osiris, and Horus developed into … Continue reading

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Blood and Water Through the Ages

Blood and Water through the Ages   Gods change and evolve all the time.  The vision I had of Jesus as a baby holding a lamb is a much different JC than the blue eyed Irish carpenter with impeccable grooming … Continue reading

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Precession of the Equinoxes

The world is at a point of radical change, a tipping point if you will.  The ’60’s was an immature awakening, the birth of a New Age, New Consciousness, New Aeon.  But it was in the hands of children who … Continue reading

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