War By Deception

I am reading a book by Gilad Atzmon called The Wandering Who?  He is the grandson of a self described “Israeli Terrorist.”  He is speaking  to a disconnect that I experience as do millions if not billions of others around the world.  I don’t hate Jews and up until 9-11 I didn’t hate Israel.  


I’ve got dozens of friends and many more acquaintances, business partners, lawyers, doctors accountants etc who are Jews.  I like them.  They have their schtick but who doesn’t.  I’ve been a guest at a number of Passover seders, sat shiva with a friend whose Dad had passed, and even shoveled dirt onto his grave.  In general I find them funny, self deprecating, warm, hospitable etc.  I’ve been fucked over in business by some and had contracts breached by others and I am no fan of the worst stereotypes of Jewness.  But who doesn’t love Seinfeld or John Stewart or Sarah Silverman?


What I’m getting at is that I’m pretty much a normal guy from Chicago where this is concerned.  I detest pushy obnoxious twats and double dealing kikes at the same time I love the wisdom of some of the old shylocks I meet in different shops around the city.  They ain’t the worst, they ain’t the best.  I hate them and love them just as much as any other group of folks.  Southside Irish, blacks, guidos whatever.


So what is the disconnect?  The difference is that these normal folks are not the same as the cold, calculating murderous motherfuckers we call Zionists.  And that goes for everyone from Rothschild to that fat smug little fucker (usually a Freemason) that will not listen to evidence regarding 9/11 and will throw up smoke screens that have no logic but pound the table in mock outrage in the process.


In fact that is what started moving me down this path.  I knew from 2003 or so that 9/11 was a controlled demolition and that the Patriot Act was ready to go and so was the Iraq War and the Afghanistan Pipeline.  I was prepared to think that Cheney and the Neocons were to blame.  Then I found the most disturbing of trends.  The people who reacted with the most vitriol were all Jews.  I’ll say it again, not all Jews were resistant. In fact it was a Jew friend of mine that first turned me on to the whole business, starting with the insider trading of Buzzy Kroengard.  Google “Insider Trading and Buzzy.”




But the ones who became enraged and would not listen to reason, and went right to “well who did it then?” were all Jews, most of them Freemasons.  It seemed a bit like overkill.  Like if your wife drowned in a bathtub and the police say “this may not have been an accident,” and you reply, “IT WASN’T ME.  GET ME A LAWYER.”  It’s gonna start sounding suspicious.  Especially when you understand that the role of Freemasonry, the essence of their rituals once you get beyond the blood drinking and Satanic passwords, is “keeping the secrets.”





A lot of people think thats just because they’re closeted queers but I don’t know about that.  True no women are allowed and they do like to spend all their time with other men wearing aprons and Fez’s and the hazing of a Shriner is pretty much soft core gay S/M but I’m not prepared to say that ALL Mason’s are homosexual.  Though there is Crowley, J.Edgar Hoover, Nixon and a few I could name but won’t.  I’d say they know who they are but clearly if your whole agenda is hiding the truth you, by definition, don’t know who you are.  Otherwise you could keep it real.  Really guys you’re only as sick as your secrets.


What I do know is that every member of the Warren Commission was a 33rd degree.  What I do know is that hiding each other’s crimes, lying under oath etc is a badge of honor and the more you show yourself to be a loyal Mason the faster you rise in politics and through the ranks of the Military and Law Enforcement.  And I saw the way, in my own personal experience they circled the wagons and put up a united front.  These were guys that could have an open minded conversation on pretty much any other topic.  But when 9/11 came up they spoke with one voice.  And it was the voice of a liar.  And no one spoke more strongly then the short hairy obese guys.


I must admit that in those days I didn’t know much about the Middle East.   I didn’t know what the Balfour Declaration was.  I thought the Jews deserved a homeland and the Palestinians could take the rest of the desert and fuck off with their terrorist tactics.  But mostly I didn’t give a fuck because it was way over there and it was their beef.  9/11 changed all that.


When those buildings went down I sat hypnotized like the rest of the world.  And when shock turned to rage I was ready to step up and take out whoever did that.  I had no doubt it was bin Laden, whoever the fuck he was and I was ready to blow up everybody who looked like him.  


But as time went on and more and more evidence proved beyond the shadow of a REASONABLE doubt that explosives took down the buildings, people (Jews in particular) had advance knowledge, that Cheney a month before had told the Taliban regarding a proposed pipeline through Afghanistan “we’ll either shower you with gold or carpet you with bombs,” the fact that Silverstein admitted that Bldg 7 was “pulled,” the fact that Jews like Bill Maher and Noam Chomsky refused to listen to reason regarding 9/11 when they seem so aware in other areas etc, the fact that this extended to so-called radical professors (you know the kind that played dress up in the 60’s then got pardoned when it became a bit uncomfortable to be a proletarian) and the obvious fact that the ones who ultimately benefitted, the ones in fact who wrote the War Plans were all Israelis, I started taking another look at what was going on in the Middle East all these years.




It’s hard to tell a Jew from a Nazi if you’re a Palestinian living in one of their Occupied territories.  And check this out, look at all the static caused because Obummer is a Kenyan citizen and how this is supposed to strip him of the right to be POTUS.  Well it turns out that the whole State Dept (damn near) not to mention the media who is supposed to report this stuff is filled with dual citizens of Israel. 


The motto of the MOSSAD is “War by deception.”  Is this why people have hated Jews for thousands of years?  It sure as fuck isn’t their bagels and Matza balls.  Maybe its those loud mouthed north shore twats but that shouldn’t cause a holocaust.  No it must be something about the way they employ usury and deception to get the big guys to fight their battles and supply their weapons and look the other way when they perform genocide on entire regions because “God said it was their land in the Bible.”


Yeah, all these hardcore genocidal, ruthless motherfuckers seemed different then the old guy at the corner deli.  It certainly wasn’t my buddies who I rip bongs with and laugh my ass off with till the wee hours.  No this is another type altogether.


The Bible calls them the Synagogue of Satan.  Ahhh again with the Masons!  These are the “uncircumcised in heart,” the ones who shake your hand and say Shalom on the Shabbot and make blood sacrifice to Moloch the other 167 hours per week.  What’s the deal?  Why are some of these people cool while others are straight up Satan?


Well I think I got my answer from Gilad Atzmon who states that there are 3 kinds of Jews:


Those who follow Judaism

Those who regard themselves as human beings who happen to be of Jewish origin and

Those who put their Jewishness over and above all their other traits.


That is, Richard Perle is not a Jewish American.  He is a Jew who happens to live in America.  Chaim Weizman, the first Israeli President stated “There are no English, French, German or American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America.”  


The Zionist is first and foremost a Jew.  He will, and has, betrayed this country in the name of Israel.  Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad agent tells of Mossad agents stationed in other nations taking control of (you guessed it) the media, the State Dept, and the Banking System.  They are called the Sayanim.  He mentions Wolfowitz Rahm Emmanuel, Richard Perle, Lord Levy and Alan Greenspan among over 100 others by name.


For his whistleblowing efforts top Israeli columnists called publicly for the execution of Victor Ostrovsky, saying “I hope there will be a decent Jew in Canada who does this for us!”  The very fact that such top media Zionists are calling for his murder tells me that he is probably telling the truth.  As do numerous other sources.



Rahm Emmanuel has been thrust into the position of Mayor in Chicago to militarize the City as a base of operations for Israel.  He is an Israeli soldier.  His loyalty is to Israel.  He is the enemy within.  The folks at the State Dept seem to have all of the resources and the young men and women of the United States committed to fighting Israel’s battles.  If you want to be POTUS you need to genuflect to APAC.  Just ask Marlon Brando.




And while a decade ago I would have said “let the Jews have a homeland for Christ’s sake.  Look at all they’ve been through.  Tell those goofy towelhead motherfuckers to eat a hamburger and chill the fuck out!”  Today I see things completely differently.


Israel is a terrorist state committing genocide on a race of people, who probably are not angels in their own right, but are nevertheless, David in this battle.  You come jack-booting into my neighborhood, bulldoze my house, rape my daughter and incarcerate my 6 year old son just for shits and giggles and you got a fucking enemy.  And if the only way I can get back at you is to light a fire in your general vicinity then that’s exactly what’s coming.  


The Jews play the victim card at every turn of the road and its wearing pretty fucking thin.  And at the same time they’re waging war by deception (that’s their motto after all) with False Flags and bullshit reporting and fractional reserve banking and usury both at the personal level and at the national and global level through the FED and the IMF.


And Jews and non jews alike are waking up and spreading the word.  True Talmudic Jews fight against Zionism and call them blasphemers.  


Zionism is a political movement founded more than 100 years ago by 

Jews who had already turned their backs on the entire Jewish religion, 

Torah and Talmud alike. They were joined by some religious Jews who 

wanted join them in building a state, while at the same time retaining 

the beliefs and practices of Judaism. Understandably, this required a 

good deal of manipulation of the texts to suit their purposes. 


They use the pieces of the Bible and Talmud they want, and ignore the 

rest. There was a period in ancient history when Jews were permitted 

to fight wars, for example the period of Joshua, King David etc. The 

Torah has laws relating to war, and the Talmud, just as it explains 

all the laws of the Torah, explains these laws as well. The Zionists 

see these wars as their precedent. But they are ignoring the fact that 

these wars were fought by Divine command. From the year 69 and onward, 

when the Temple was destroyed and our exile began, Jews have been 

forbidden to fight any wars. The Talmud says that explicitly, but the 

Zionists ignore it. The Talmud says explicitly that Jews may not 

reconquer the land of Palestine. The Zionists ignore that too. 




Moreover, millions of Israeli Jews are taking to the streets demanding a peaceful solution to the Israeli Occupation.  A friend of a friend of mine, a New York Jew was in Israel demonstrating and was shot point blank in the head with a tear gas canister.  He would have bled to death but his New York Jew girlfriend turned up the heat enough that they said fine, get him out of here and they let his ambulance go through.  His life was saved but it is forever altered.  Only the strength of his will and conviction and the support of loving friends will bring him again to the wholeness that may be salvaged from a lethal brain injury inflicted by the Israeli Army for the offense of saying “Peace.”


There are millions, perhaps not as articulate as Gilad Atzmon but every bit as committed  to digging out the roots of Nationalism, religious bigotry (like “We are the chosen people and this is our land because God said so), and all other forms of racism that get in the way of people just sharing the resources and living in peace.


Perhaps the best quote, the most concise is on the first page of this book and attributed to Israel Shahik:  The Nazi’s made me afraid to be a Jew.  The Israelis make me ashamed to be a Jew.”


With all the best wishes for Peace Profound.  People of the world: Chill the fuck out!



About Dean Scarpinato

As a guitarist, artist and poet, heavily inspired by the transcendentalists such as Jerry Garcia, I bring a sense of the dance into my acupuncture/massage treatments. The last thing a healing modality such as this should be is rigid and augmented. The key word is harmony and that is what we should be aiming for always. The treatment of an acupuncturist should, in my estimation, simply be pointing the way. In a drumming/healing seminar I attended in 2000 with Mickey Hart I remember him saying “Never let go of the groove. Always stay in the groove.” That is in essence what the Tao Te Ching means when it says “My greatest wealth is my connection to Tao. My greatest sorrow is in losing that connection.” I recognize that most folks may not understand this. And I am perfectly capable of working and relating right here on the material plane. Still, I am aware of a far greater reality where the transitory affairs of the material world are non-existent and mundane. From this perspective real healing truly takes place, or begins to. It depends on our own ability to drop the layers of ego and get to what’s real. It’s not the path for everyone. I rarely even mention it when I treat a cop for a sprained lumbar or a woman for infertility. It does not need to be said. There is an element of this treatment that is conscious altering in a way that philosophy cannot approach. See me enough and the hard edges start to wear thin on their own. But given the opportunity, I love to work with the artist, the dancer, the athlete, that seeks peak performance and knows what it means to be ”in the zone.” I can give that added edge of performance or creativity simply in terms of the clarity of mind and extended range of motion. Harmony of mind and body becomes reality and the more work you have done in that direction before you come to me, the greater the synergy that our work together can achieve. If this speaks to you in any way, contact me.
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