Integrative Care: The Only Common Sense Solution

The majority of the money that is spent on medical care in this country does not stay with the town physician to spend in the local economy.  Instead the lion’s share of the profits end up on the balance sheet of the multi national corporations (MNC’s).  Medical device companies and their big brother Big Pharma, the term given to the drug cartels of Western Medicine, together account for almost 1 trillion dollars this year.  “The pharmaceutical industry is, and has been for years, the most profitable of all businesses in the US,” says Time Magazine.,9171,993223-2,00.html


They will defend these profits as necessary to continue research and development.  However, the pharmaceutical companies on average spend two to three times on marketing and campaign contributions as they do on R&D.  And while print and media are great sources by which to advertise, the #1 target of their marketing blitzkrieg is doctors.  Doctors are, after all, the main conduit between a companies product and the ultimate consumer.  So “research” is developed that gives your physician complete confidence in whatever he’s pushing at the moment, and a few little perks never hurt either.  Hey that’s business.  And you don’t mind being a cog in that wheel do you citizen, I mean “consumer.”   And much of the so-called research amount to paying scientists to come to the conclusions the drug companies desire and then publishing said conclusions in acquiescent journals creating even more advertising.  After all, who funds the journals?  Who funds the medical schools?


And along with promoting individual drugs what they are really promoting, with the zeal of the Inquisitor is an orthodox view of medicine which states that all disease is material in nature and that the only solution is to be found in patentable drugs and surgery.  Moreover any so-called “alternatives” such as the approaches to health that countless cultures have followed for countless years are quackery and should be eradicated.


Recognize the absolute stupidity which would need to be present to remove the blatant sinister nature of just one example.  Herbs which grow naturally by the grace of God or the evolution of nature with whom we have lived side by side, relied upon and catalogued for their therapeutic properties, for tens of thousands of years are now illegal to use as medicine in all of Western Europe unless they can individually be put through the same clinical trials as pharmaceuticals.  This is impossible and they know it.  One of the reasons that pharmaceuticals are so expensive is that they go through this billion dollar process.  So unless you are prepared to pay $100 for every dose of garlic this becomes ridiculous.


Adding insult to injury the FDA has ruled that Genetically Modified Substances, such as the food you eat require no testing at all because they are “essentially” the same as nature.  So Monsanto can splice pesticides right into the seed of corn or soy and you can’t wash it off before eating it.  It’s part of that corn’s DNA.  But that’s cool.  However, if you take a piece of garlic and rub it on a spider bite and make the itching and redness go away you are a criminal.  God help Jesus Christ himself should he attempt to heal in such an environment.  Without a license to boot!!!  Then there’s insurance and physician oversight and he better not show up to work in those sandals and he better cut his hair!


Let’s look at another example.  Laetrille.  E. Edward Griffin has a You Tube called the Science and Politics of Cancer in which he explains that Laetrille also known as Vitamin B17 is known to be a cure for cancer and has been suppressed by the medical establishment since the 1970’s.  There is also Harry Hoxey, Hulda Clark, Royal Rife, Nicolai Tesla and countless others who can teach us how to prevent and treat cancer with effectiveness at least equal to and probably more viable than the success of chemotherapy and drugs.


According to the Townsend Study the incidence of cancer since 1975 is increasing dramatically, not decreasing.  And according to Dr Weil “the survival rates of cancers have increased only slightly over (those) years.  The 5 year survival rate is only 15% or less for cancers of the lung, liver, pancreas and esophagus.  And the 10 year survival rates for these cancers are notably lower.”


Despite hundreds of billions of dollars being poured into cancer research the results are really pretty piss poor.  The US has eradicated entire human populations for less!  Curing cancer by way of the American Medical Society is like trying to get justice for indigenous populations dispersed from their land by Texaco and/or Monsanto.  To understand this reference please see the movie Crude and The World According to Monsanto:


Upon seeing these films you will be more likely to believe the truth that cures for cancers are being suppressed and their proponents are being systematically intimidated, harassed, and destroyed by Big Pharma and its ilk.  And for this we spend 20% of our GNP while marginalizing other, often more effective forms of treatment.


What is the solution many may ask.  It’s really quite simple.  Utilize all sciences and disciplines, faiths and miracles in the maintenance and the restoration of your own health.  Utilize the least costly and least invasive, which are usually the most common sense measures first.  You have IBS???  Do you think that modifying your diet might have an effect?  Or should you just continue eating processed, poisoned crap morning, noon and night while adding a pill, usually containing more poison?


The health care industry as it stands today is bankrupting the nation and, given the number of morbidly obese people walking the streets, the number of anti depressants being prescribed, the rise in preventable diseases that only lead to worse chronic conditions such as diabetes and coronary disease, the fact that 20% (1 in 5) Americans has some form of arthritis etc, etc it really does not appear that this self proclaimed “Greatest Health Care System in the World,” is really living up to its own myth.


Yes we keep people alive through miraculous surgical intervention in cases of outrageous trauma.  But when it comes to simple quality of life measures most doctors don’t have a clue.


Nutrition is not part of basic Medical School curriculum.  Nor is meditation.  Nor is the necessity of maintaining one’s own health through diet and exercise if one is to be a real doctor also known as “teacher.”   So a medical consultation is the equivalent of a drug deal and usually takes about as long.  The average face time with a physician is 7 minutes.  Usually after a 45 minute wait (never forget that his time is more important than yours!).  You have a cold???  Don’t try Vitamin C, more rest, a netti pot, more Vitamin C and another netti pot followed by Chicken soup with plenty of garlic topped off by more rest.  Take antibiotics!!!  In fact let’s put them in the food supply, in every milk cow and hell let’s splice them into corn and soy so that your immune system becomes so deficient that you can’t cure yourself of the freaking sniffles!!!  Then we can breed some super viruses that are immune to the antibiotics when you really need them.


I mean, let’s hope this is just stupidity.  Because otherwise there might be some profit driven collusion at work in these here drug cartels.  Cartel, by the way, is defined by Miriam Webster as : a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices or a combination of political groups for common action.

And that is exactly what we have.  We have a small, elite group of corporations perpetrating the myth that their perspective on health and healing is the only valid one.  This is dangerous to the patient and it is pure disaster for the economy.  What needs to be put in place is a medical system driven by the desire for patient health and well being and not a profit driven industry.  Integrative care wherein all disciplines work side by side in a respectful manner, cross pollinating ideas so that understanding emerges between different perspectives and something greater emerges as a result.


The motives of the insurance industry must no longer be the main consideration in treatment strategy or in the structure of the health care system.  An all inclusive approach to health and well being must be put in its place and insurance companies must begin reimbursing for yoga, tai chi, Acupuncture, hypnosis, etc.  Costs must be associated with drinking, smoking, obesity and stress filled living while those who replace those activities with meditation walks in nature, art and yes even an occasional glass of wine or a joint should receive discounts.


The goal of prevention does not begin and end with vaccinations.  Many may even argue that vaccinations are the source of many chronic unexplained illnesses as well as numerous acute conditions such as autism.  But prevention is a lifestyle.  We all know this.  It’s common sense.  I think we need less “brilliant innovation” and more common sense.  Less billion dollar solutions going to banks and MNC’s and more thousand dollar solutions going to individuals.


What if every person in this country had access to organic foods, yoga, tai chi etc and regular massage and Acupuncture?  When I speak of “access to organic foods” as a government responsibility I am talking about the huge subsidies that are given to Big Ag, the blanket term for Monsanto and the rest of that rat pack. This is why the prices of pesticide rich genetically modified foods are cheaper than organics.

SUBSIDIZE THE ORGANIC FARMER!!! Level the playing field, make the industry more lucrative, bring more small farmers into the game and thereby increase the supply of food grown the way God and nature intended. Greater supply means lower prices means greater demand which spurs more people to get into the business and thereby creates greater supply and a whole virtuous cycle.

They know this. Anyone who slept thru a microeconomics class knows this. So why don’t they do it? There’s your million dollar question. At the root of the answer is the simple fact that they don’t give a damn about you. Only the profits of their robber baron political pig cronies.  We could do that for less than 5% of our annual health care expenditures.  How much do you think that would take off the top end in terms of less diseases encountered due to lowered blood pressure, lowered stress, lowered body weight, more homeostatic “balanced” organ systems and more well being for whole beings?   How about we give it a try for 10 years?  Doesn’t it sound just crazy enough to work???  May the power of love replace the love of power.  Dean Scarpinato.



About Dean Scarpinato

As a guitarist, artist and poet, heavily inspired by the transcendentalists such as Jerry Garcia, I bring a sense of the dance into my acupuncture/massage treatments. The last thing a healing modality such as this should be is rigid and augmented. The key word is harmony and that is what we should be aiming for always. The treatment of an acupuncturist should, in my estimation, simply be pointing the way. In a drumming/healing seminar I attended in 2000 with Mickey Hart I remember him saying “Never let go of the groove. Always stay in the groove.” That is in essence what the Tao Te Ching means when it says “My greatest wealth is my connection to Tao. My greatest sorrow is in losing that connection.” I recognize that most folks may not understand this. And I am perfectly capable of working and relating right here on the material plane. Still, I am aware of a far greater reality where the transitory affairs of the material world are non-existent and mundane. From this perspective real healing truly takes place, or begins to. It depends on our own ability to drop the layers of ego and get to what’s real. It’s not the path for everyone. I rarely even mention it when I treat a cop for a sprained lumbar or a woman for infertility. It does not need to be said. There is an element of this treatment that is conscious altering in a way that philosophy cannot approach. See me enough and the hard edges start to wear thin on their own. But given the opportunity, I love to work with the artist, the dancer, the athlete, that seeks peak performance and knows what it means to be ”in the zone.” I can give that added edge of performance or creativity simply in terms of the clarity of mind and extended range of motion. Harmony of mind and body becomes reality and the more work you have done in that direction before you come to me, the greater the synergy that our work together can achieve. If this speaks to you in any way, contact me.
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