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War By Deception

I am reading a book by Gilad Atzmon called The Wandering Who?  He is the grandson of a self described “Israeli Terrorist.”  He is speaking  to a disconnect that I experience as do millions if not billions of others around the world.  I don’t hate Jews and up until 9-11 I didn’t hate Israel.  


I’ve got dozens of friends and many more acquaintances, business partners, lawyers, doctors accountants etc who are Jews.  I like them.  They have their schtick but who doesn’t.  I’ve been a guest at a number of Passover seders, sat shiva with a friend whose Dad had passed, and even shoveled dirt onto his grave.  In general I find them funny, self deprecating, warm, hospitable etc.  I’ve been fucked over in business by some and had contracts breached by others and I am no fan of the worst stereotypes of Jewness.  But who doesn’t love Seinfeld or John Stewart or Sarah Silverman?


What I’m getting at is that I’m pretty much a normal guy from Chicago where this is concerned.  I detest pushy obnoxious twats and double dealing kikes at the same time I love the wisdom of some of the old shylocks I meet in different shops around the city.  They ain’t the worst, they ain’t the best.  I hate them and love them just as much as any other group of folks.  Southside Irish, blacks, guidos whatever.


So what is the disconnect?  The difference is that these normal folks are not the same as the cold, calculating murderous motherfuckers we call Zionists.  And that goes for everyone from Rothschild to that fat smug little fucker (usually a Freemason) that will not listen to evidence regarding 9/11 and will throw up smoke screens that have no logic but pound the table in mock outrage in the process.


In fact that is what started moving me down this path.  I knew from 2003 or so that 9/11 was a controlled demolition and that the Patriot Act was ready to go and so was the Iraq War and the Afghanistan Pipeline.  I was prepared to think that Cheney and the Neocons were to blame.  Then I found the most disturbing of trends.  The people who reacted with the most vitriol were all Jews.  I’ll say it again, not all Jews were resistant. In fact it was a Jew friend of mine that first turned me on to the whole business, starting with the insider trading of Buzzy Kroengard.  Google “Insider Trading and Buzzy.”


But the ones who became enraged and would not listen to reason, and went right to “well who did it then?” were all Jews, most of them Freemasons.  It seemed a bit like overkill.  Like if your wife drowned in a bathtub and the police say “this may not have been an accident,” and you reply, “IT WASN’T ME.  GET ME A LAWYER.”  It’s gonna start sounding suspicious.  Especially when you understand that the role of Freemasonry, the essence of their rituals once you get beyond the blood drinking and Satanic passwords, is “keeping the secrets.”



A lot of people think thats just because they’re closeted queers but I don’t know about that.  True no women are allowed and they do like to spend all their time with other men wearing aprons and Fez’s and the hazing of a Shriner is pretty much soft core gay S/M but I’m not prepared to say that ALL Mason’s are homosexual.  Though there is Crowley, J.Edgar Hoover, Nixon and a few I could name but won’t.  I’d say they know who they are but clearly if your whole agenda is hiding the truth you, by definition, don’t know who you are.  Otherwise you could keep it real.  Really guys you’re only as sick as your secrets.


What I do know is that every member of the Warren Commission was a 33rd degree.  What I do know is that hiding each other’s crimes, lying under oath etc is a badge of honor and the more you show yourself to be a loyal Mason the faster you rise in politics and through the ranks of the Military and Law Enforcement.  And I saw the way, in my own personal experience they circled the wagons and put up a united front.  These were guys that could have an open minded conversation on pretty much any other topic.  But when 9/11 came up they spoke with one voice.  And it was the voice of a liar.  And no one spoke more strongly then the short hairy obese guys.


I must admit that in those days I didn’t know much about the Middle East.   I didn’t know what the Balfour Declaration was.  I thought the Jews deserved a homeland and the Palestinians could take the rest of the desert and fuck off with their terrorist tactics.  But mostly I didn’t give a fuck because it was way over there and it was their beef.  9/11 changed all that.


When those buildings went down I sat hypnotized like the rest of the world.  And when shock turned to rage I was ready to step up and take out whoever did that.  I had no doubt it was bin Laden, whoever the fuck he was and I was ready to blow up everybody who looked like him.  


But as time went on and more and more evidence proved beyond the shadow of a REASONABLE doubt that explosives took down the buildings, people (Jews in particular) had advance knowledge, that Cheney a month before had told the Taliban regarding a proposed pipeline through Afghanistan “we’ll either shower you with gold or carpet you with bombs,” the fact that Silverstein admitted that Bldg 7 was “pulled,” the fact that Jews like Bill Maher and Noam Chomsky refused to listen to reason regarding 9/11 when they seem so aware in other areas etc, the fact that this extended to so-called radical professors (you know the kind that played dress up in the 60’s then got pardoned when it became a bit uncomfortable to be a proletarian) and the obvious fact that the ones who ultimately benefitted, the ones in fact who wrote the War Plans were all Israelis, I started taking another look at what was going on in the Middle East all these years.


It’s hard to tell a Jew from a Nazi if you’re a Palestinian living in one of their Occupied territories.  And check this out, look at all the static caused because Obummer is a Kenyan citizen and how this is supposed to strip him of the right to be POTUS.  Well it turns out that the whole State Dept (damn near) not to mention the media who is supposed to report this stuff is filled with dual citizens of Israel. 


The motto of the MOSSAD is “War by deception.”  Is this why people have hated Jews for thousands of years?  It sure as fuck isn’t their bagels and Matza balls.  Maybe its those loud mouthed north shore twats but that shouldn’t cause a holocaust.  No it must be something about the way they employ usury and deception to get the big guys to fight their battles and supply their weapons and look the other way when they perform genocide on entire regions because “God said it was their land in the Bible.”


Yeah, all these hardcore genocidal, ruthless motherfuckers seemed different then the old guy at the corner deli.  It certainly wasn’t my buddies who I rip bongs with and laugh my ass off with till the wee hours.  No this is another type altogether.


The Bible calls them the Synagogue of Satan.  Ahhh again with the Masons!  These are the “uncircumcised in heart,” the ones who shake your hand and say Shalom on the Shabbot and make blood sacrifice to Moloch the other 167 hours per week.  What’s the deal?  Why are some of these people cool while others are straight up Satan?


Well I think I got my answer from Gilad Atzmon who states that there are 3 kinds of Jews:


Those who follow Judaism

Those who regard themselves as human beings who happen to be of Jewish origin and

Those who put their Jewishness over and above all their other traits.


That is, Richard Perle is not a Jewish American.  He is a Jew who happens to live in America.  Chaim Weizman, the first Israeli President stated “There are no English, French, German or American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America.”  


The Zionist is first and foremost a Jew.  He will, and has, betrayed this country in the name of Israel.  Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad agent tells of Mossad agents stationed in other nations taking control of (you guessed it) the media, the State Dept, and the Banking System.  They are called the Sayanim.  He mentions Wolfowitz Rahm Emmanuel, Richard Perle, Lord Levy and Alan Greenspan among over 100 others by name.


For his whistleblowing efforts top Israeli columnists called publicly for the execution of Victor Ostrovsky, saying “I hope there will be a decent Jew in Canada who does this for us!”  The very fact that such top media Zionists are calling for his murder tells me that he is probably telling the truth.  As do numerous other sources.

Rahm Emmanuel has been thrust into the position of Mayor in Chicago to militarize the City as a base of operations for Israel.  He is an Israeli soldier.  His loyalty is to Israel.  He is the enemy within.  The folks at the State Dept seem to have all of the resources and the young men and women of the United States committed to fighting Israel’s battles.  If you want to be POTUS you need to genuflect to APAC.  Just ask Marlon Brando.


And while a decade ago I would have said “let the Jews have a homeland for Christ’s sake.  Look at all they’ve been through.  Tell those goofy towelhead motherfuckers to eat a hamburger and chill the fuck out!”  Today I see things completely differently.


Israel is a terrorist state committing genocide on a race of people, who probably are not angels in their own right, but are nevertheless, David in this battle.  You come jack-booting into my neighborhood, bulldoze my house, rape my daughter and incarcerate my 6 year old son just for shits and giggles and you got a fucking enemy.  And if the only way I can get back at you is to light a fire in your general vicinity then that’s exactly what’s coming.  


The Jews play the victim card at every turn of the road and its wearing pretty fucking thin.  And at the same time they’re waging war by deception (that’s their motto after all) with False Flags and bullshit reporting and fractional reserve banking and usury both at the personal level and at the national and global level through the FED and the IMF.


And Jews and non jews alike are waking up and spreading the word.  True Talmudic Jews fight against Zionism and call them blasphemers.  


Zionism is a political movement founded more than 100 years ago by 

Jews who had already turned their backs on the entire Jewish religion, 

Torah and Talmud alike. They were joined by some religious Jews who 

wanted join them in building a state, while at the same time retaining 

the beliefs and practices of Judaism. Understandably, this required a 

good deal of manipulation of the texts to suit their purposes. 


They use the pieces of the Bible and Talmud they want, and ignore the 

rest. There was a period in ancient history when Jews were permitted 

to fight wars, for example the period of Joshua, King David etc. The 

Torah has laws relating to war, and the Talmud, just as it explains 

all the laws of the Torah, explains these laws as well. The Zionists 

see these wars as their precedent. But they are ignoring the fact that 

these wars were fought by Divine command. From the year 69 and onward, 

when the Temple was destroyed and our exile began, Jews have been 

forbidden to fight any wars. The Talmud says that explicitly, but the 

Zionists ignore it. The Talmud says explicitly that Jews may not 

reconquer the land of Palestine. The Zionists ignore that too.


Moreover, millions of Israeli Jews are taking to the streets demanding a peaceful solution to the Israeli Occupation.  A friend of a friend of mine, a New York Jew was in Israel demonstrating and was shot point blank in the head with a tear gas canister.  He would have bled to death but his New York Jew girlfriend turned up the heat enough that they said fine, get him out of here and they let his ambulance go through.  His life was saved but it is forever altered.  Only the strength of his will and conviction and the support of loving friends will bring him again to the wholeness that may be salvaged from a lethal brain injury inflicted by the Israeli Army for the offense of saying “Peace.”


There are millions, perhaps not as articulate as Gilad Atzmon but every bit as committed  to digging out the roots of Nationalism, religious bigotry (like “We are the chosen people and this is our land because God said so), and all other forms of racism that get in the way of people just sharing the resources and living in peace.


Perhaps the best quote, the most concise is on the first page of this book and attributed to Israel Shahik:  The Nazi’s made me afraid to be a Jew.  The Israelis make me ashamed to be a Jew.”


With all the best wishes for Peace Profound.  People of the world: Chill the fuck out!


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Pluto In Virgo and the seeds Coming to Blossom

Pluto in Virgo is a natural healer.  In some not so small way you experience the call to participate in world transformation on the levels of health and service to those less fortunate. You are also given the challenge of transforming the ecology of planet Earth.  And at the core for you is the inner search for life’s meaning.  You work tirelessly (though in your mind you should probably be working harder) and your greatest challenge and personal fear is the criticism you receive from friends and family and perhaps colleagues for the depth of your commitment.  Perhaps no one recognizes the value of your personal genius.

Virgo is the pure Earth and we of this generation have never known a time when the Earth was not a chemical cocktail that promised greater crop yields, cleaner water, strong bodies 12 ways and turned out to be reconstituted nerve gas, fluoride that is so toxic it can’t be dumped in the lake and so they put it in the water supply, and a whole host of denatured petro chemical derivatives at the expense of the wisdom of the Great Mother.

Most, out of fear of being ostracized for speaking out, or out of personal desire for the ill gotten fruits of the Death Kulture or just out of blissful ignorance remained mute.  Others, who could not deny the power of Pluto in Virgo resisted with all our strength to the mocking jeers of those who claimed to love us, as long as we stayed within their narcissistic world views.  That goes for the clan, the team, the company and all of society  (USA! USA!).  And our role models, slightly older than us were living the Pluto in Leo dream of fast cars and all night bars and fun and creativity.  And it looked like fun and sometimes it was and sometimes we put on the mask of self indulgence.

So we went back and forth between trying to fit into the world that promised fun and honors and riches, bitches and fame just like any Pluto in Leo has by birthright.  But as those role models aged, died prematurely and ended up parodies of themselves singing their greatest hits in tiny venues to a tiny number of other aging adolescents with their receded hairlines dyed black and their manes to their shoulders it became pretty clear that this self indulgent egotism was little more than Hollywood scripted inanity.  Especially as our own musical tastes matured to fine wine and these strokes were still playing 3 day old MD20/20, strong and mind numbing with no distinctive subtleties and even less culture.

And so like any subsequent sign shines a glaring light on the shortcomings of its predecessor, Pluto in Virgo sees the egotism of Leo as not only immaturity but lame vanity in the face of far greater issues than their hair and whammy bars.  It is Pluto in Virgo when the truth started coming to light that the chemicals on the crops which promised an end to world hunger were in fact poisons killing more than bugs and draining into the ground water and causing birth defects etc etc.  We were told “Ahhh shut up!  You don’t know how good you’ve got it.  Why when we were kids we walked 20 miles just to eat Hitler’s corn meal mush and we were grateful.”

When we were children we shut up as we were told.  We looked around and said “well I guess I don’t see bodies in the streets, maybe its not so bad.”  Of course we were not getting the real news from Viet Nam or Central America or anywhere else that the American War Machine was liberating people by installing puppet dictators and “privatizing” the natural resources, or we would have seen plenty of bodies in the streets.  And others in brothels as now tilling their ancestral lands was no longer an option as they were behind barbed wire electric fences guarded by American GI’s for the benefit of Monsatan.

But today the seeds planted when we were kids have matured.  The internet shows us more than we ever wanted to know.  It doesn’t take a scientist (in fact they’re the last to know) to figure out that this system is unsustainable.  Trees don’t grow to the sky.  You can’t just run a capitalist system based on bigger bigger bigger and exploiting all the earths resources and all her people and creatures and think that it is going to last forever.

Kids today are in the streets voicing the silent cries and unspoken fears of the Pluto in Virgo generation which are now an unmistakable reality.  This is no longer vague fear mongering by left wing intellectuals, this is here and now.  And true to form it was the time between 1956 and 1971 when Pluto was in Virgo that these truths first came to light.  And true to form we of that generation will be the unsung heroes of the coming new age.  Those in the streets today deserve our support and admiration as they are laying on the line in a way we never did.  But we tilled the soil.  And just as 40 years from now (when transiting Uranus sits opposite its current position) everything they are screaming which is allegedly falling on deaf ears today will be implicitly understood as “Duh,”  so too are the causes we took up or failed to take up that were nevertheless crystallizing inside us, either as neuroses that we dared not utter or as fiery radicalism that separated us from the tribe and clan, and all the fears and depressions and rage that came with it.  And all points in between and the emotional reactions therein are the inner workings of the subconscious mind of you who were born with Pluto in Virgo.

You seek a perfection that, like Moses and the Promised Land you may never realize while in this body.  Yet it is your role to serve the people in a practical manner that allows the subsequent generations (you reincarnated) to live in the land of plenty.  And there is plenty.  There is enough for everyones need but not enough for a few mens greed.

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Across the River Styx

Across The River Styx (and the Rites (or wrongs) of Freemasonry)

The Sun is exalted in Aries and it was in the Age of Aries (2332 B.B-166 B.C) that the Solar worshipping religion of Isis, Osiris, and Horus developed into the great passion play of Egyptian and Babylonian culture.  Long since past was the primitive notion that the Earth magically gave forth her bounty or that the Earth Goddess personified in woman magically too became voluptuous with new life.  Clearly without the seed there would be no fertilization.

Moreover as tribes ceased to wander in search of the herds and became tillers of the Earth, it was the cycles of nature, most notably the diurnal movement of the Sun which was front and center in their existence and therefore in their mythology.

The Sun is the one fixed point around which the whole “Solar” System revolves.  When it shines its beauty everyone is lifted up.  Even through a tiny crack in a dark prison wall life is better when the Sun shines.  The Sun truly shines its light on all.  And when it appears to die at night and in the winter life becomes bleak, uncertain, even depressing.  Interestingly enough, at the Winter Solstice, on Dec 22, the Sun reaches its lowest point and is “dead”.  At that position it stands still, entombed as it were, for 3 days before it “rises from the dead” on the 25th of December.  It is, of course, no coincidence that in the next millennium the date of December 25th would be backfilled and chosen to commemorate the birth of the new solar deity, who would embody all the religions before him, without the slightest gratitude.

It was in the Age of Aries that the obsession with birth and death and resurrection, embodied in the play of the trinity and the rising of the god Osiris (Ra) at the time of the Solstice, came to the forefront of human consciousness.  Elaborate mummification rituals characterize the spirits of Ancient Egypt as does the Book of the Dead,the guide to the recently deceased soul through the maze of the underworld, where only the most worthy would endure and become immortal like the gods.  The rest would get back in line and come back to the toil and tears and try again.

The theory of the transmigration of souls would then dictate that you brought into the next lifetime the character you had developed in the last.  If you were a jerkoff well next lifetime was going to be full of trials.  If you were Mother Theresa, well you would likely have an easier time of it and so on.  But regardless, it was not your material circumstances that mattered.  It was your ability to prepare for the next journey across the River Styx.  And this was accomplished by preparing as a candidate, or Neophyte, or Entered Apprentice, in the Mysteries of Babylon.

Your worthiness to enter these mysteries was determined by a “peculiar system of morals” codified in the Tablets of Hammurabi (and the Confessions to Maat), heavenly sent by the Sun God himself and burned into tablets that look a whole lot like what Moses supposedly received a thousand or so years later.  The major difference is that there is historical proof of the existence of Hammurabi, whereas the historical Moses left little more than footprints.

In the Mystery Schools, preserved today in the Rites of Freemasonry though completely hidden in the plainest of sight from at least 90% of all modern Mason’s, are not only the keys to life eternal through the process of being “raised” in the Blue Lodge, but also, in the affiliate degrees of the Royal Arch hide the location of the treasures of the Templars, again in plain view once you excavate the complex symbolism.  And the Blue Lodge Degrees are straight out of the Book of the Dead.  As are the Initiations of all the Mystery Schools, Esoteric Christianity included.

And it was here, in the Age of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac beginning on the Equinox of Spring, that the mysteries of the birth, death and rebirth as embodied by the Sun (exalted as it is in Aries) first came to fruition.  The Sun in fact was raised to the level of God himself.  The one and only God in fact, by Akhnanton, the Father of Monotheism, who put the solar disk (Aton) on the Egyptian throne and sought to criminalize all strange gods.  He didn’t last long but he too is immortalized in the work of certain mystery schools, most notably the Rosicrucian Order.

Aries is ruled by Mars whose symbol is the Pentagon and so it is no surprise that the Art of War came into great prominence in these days as well.  It is also likely no coincidence that the higher members (and all the lower members that want to be higher members) of the current day Pentagon are members of the Mystery Schools of Freemasonry.

This could clearly take us down an incredibly different path such as how a religion which taught the eternal nature of the soul and required honor and fidelity, uprightness and promises made promises kept as essential character traits to gain admission, can at the same time be an organization in which the ability to straight faced lie “always guard our secrets” to virtually everyone, including your so-called brothers if they have not attained a certain degree, and to stonewall the search for the truth in everything from the Kennedy Assassination (conducted in the Masonic Dealey Plaza and commemorated by Masonic statues) to the atrocities of 9-11 and God only knows what else.  We will leave that for another time as I am no stranger to the Higher Mysteries nor the petty intrigue.  And I suppose like all religions it was ordained by God (or visionaries on Sacred Mushrooms) and perverted by man.  The search for the Truth is all but dead in the quest for pseudo political power and the preservation of the Lodge, which bears very little resemblance to its true stated mission,  Much like the U.S. or Soviet Russia or even Rock&Roll.

“Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise.  Beating down the multitudes and scoffing at the wise.”

To expand, Mars, while very often a belligerent drunk who lacks any sense of class with his in your face aggression, is also a pretty straight shooter.  It is his higher octave Pluto who is the double dealing corrupt politician, mafioso, decorated cop who deals in drugs and pimping, or secretive cabal of neo-cons hell bent on world domination and on a collision course with simple reality.  And the Freemasons have pretty much embraced this Dark Lord, even going so far as advertising human microchips (Mark of the Beast anyone?  Free ring and lambskin apron to anyone who takes the offer) on at least one of their websites.

Is that really where they started?  Yes and no.  For they had their origins in the Age of Aries in the Mystery Schools of Osiris.  The Age of Aries was also a good time for weapons makers.  The priest class recognized the value of carbonized iron in the subjugation of the masses.  Hey building the pyramids ain’t no easy task and there were not a lot of volunteers.  I guess its only natural that a secret society that holds the key to eternal life as well as “da bomb” is likely to see itself and its members as superior individuals while all outside their hallowed halls were “profane.”  After all it wasn’t everyone that could receive initiation, just the Pharaohs and the artisans and the tomb makers and the priests.  And maybe the guy who could brew beer and that funny guy who drove around in a tiny car with a Fez on.  Heart O’Gold that brother but watch out when he gets a few nips under his belt.  LOL

And you know what, they could keep each other’s secret.  At first they could justify it as good for the Egypt.  What the common folks or the “profane” didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.  We the wise soothsayers and magicians have your back.  And the profane were happy to go about their business saying “O wise soothsayers you are cool.  Babylon is the best country ever.  We’ll just watch TV and leave it all to you.  You’ve got my vote buddy!”

And of course it isn’t long till the soothsayers are saying “Hey what’s the harm if we take a little for ourselves.  After all Babylon the Great would be in sad shape without us.  We’ll spread it around a little, kick back a tribute upstairs to Paulie, and no one will be any the wiser.”

And of course it isn’t long till they’re saying “Fuck the ignorant masses!  We’ll take it all.  And Paulie knows a guy, one phone call and our problems solved.  And he’s one of us.  Bound to our oaths.  We can trust him.  In fact we’ve got a whole section of psychopaths and you put an apron on them and you can’t tell ‘em from the real cops.”

Then of course you open up The Mysteries to the public.  Give ‘em a handshake, tell ‘em what you want them to know and send him to the corner with a cup in his hand to collect for needy children.  Give him ribbons and sashes and honorary degrees and create a whole facade of useful idiots (dues paying useful idiots) that represent the kind face to the world while we sit at the top and orchestrate a military industrialist complex, and worldwide drug running.

Let me pause for a moment to state what I hope would be obvious.  I don’t hate all Mason’s nor am I saying that all people who join the fraternity are idiots or corrupt politicians.  There are good people of integrity who join what they believe to be an upstanding charitable organization dedicated to making good men better.  And in their hands this is precisely what Freemasonry is.  Others join because they recognize occult symbolism and the Mysteries in the secret rituals that you can find published in dozens of sources, which they are then bound by terrible oaths to keep secret.  It reminds me of Crowley who said of the Golden Dawn “they bound me to secrecy with terrible oaths and then entrusted to my safe keeping the Hebrew Alphabet.”  He didn’t go on to add that in the hands of a great magician this is all that is needed.

Others join for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is to further one’s career, which very often is of a political, military, law enforcement type nature.  They are gladly welcomed because who better to enhance the status of the Lodge and/or keep the secrets of a wrong doer, say someone who is dispensing Masonic justice, like say William Morgan, Mozart or Jack the Ripper than a Mason Brother who happens to be the Chief of Police (being a Mason certainly helped him into that position.  Just ask the Mayor who is his Lodge Brother).  A few judges help too.

Well maybe we can wink at this little deal with the Devil but then it permeates every level of society right up to the no-bid contracts to Haliburton to rebuild a nation we destroyed in an illegal war with the help of the Mainstream Media, the heads of whom are all Skull and Bones and Masons etc.  So to the extent that you as a Mason are there to help the widows and orphans God (or GAOTU) bless you.  To the extent that you’re out to pad your Real Estate business, well who can blame you.  And to the extent that you lie and cheat and steal and kill on behalf of the War Machine’s Club Rotary, may you experience all that you have coming all at once and may it tear the smirk off your snarky fucking face.  And So Mote It Be!

Fast forward a few thousand years and Babylon the Great is about to fall again.  Perhaps to be replaced by the same shit from different assholes.  Or perhaps this time it will be different.  We’ll have to wait until the Age of Aquarius to find out.

For now we note (and what a note it is) that in this same time (about 2000 B.C.) a psychotic (or shall we say a visionary to whom the God of the Universe revealed himself for the first time) wanderer came forth “from Ur of the Chaldean’s” (Babylon according to Baba Lon 🙂 bringing his whole tribe along for the adventure.  In obedience to his God he set about to slay his only son.  I wonder how this would hold up in court today.  Would an insanity defense be applicable?  Just asking.

Anyway, Jehovah, as Jove or Jupiter is prone to do, waits until the last second and stops Abraham’s hand, presenting instead a Ram.  And so the Age of Aries is instituted.  No more male consort, no more understudy young male virgin (drats!) no more sacred cows.  The Age of Aries brings us the sacrificial lamb.  As Baba Lon Milo DuQuette writes, “the sacrificial symbol for the previous age was the bull (animal nature harnessed but not tamed), now the sacrificial victim was the ram/sheep, the symbol of the animal nature suppressed, subjugated, and exploited for human sustenance, comfort and commerce.”

It is most interesting, to me at least, that the culture of monotheism is springing up centered around the Sun as the nurturer, creator, and that which holds us in our orbit.  The one who makes the plants grow and brings light and blessings.  The one and only RA from the womb of Isis (after being her husband but that’s another story).  Take ISis (or isIS) and RA and add EL just like you do at the end of the names of all the merciful angels (IV for the vengeful ones) and you have IS-RA-EL.  Coincidence?

Any good Mason will answer in a fat fucking self aggrandizing tone “there is not a single solitary shred of reasonable scientific evidence blah blah blah…”  Anyone with real eyes to see, However, may wish to take a second look.

So in other words, at the same time as Akhnoton is putting the one true source of light and life and comfort and warmth (not to mention fire and brimstone) on the throne (historical fact) the patriarch Abraham is bringing to light his one and true monotheistic God before which all former gods should wail and gnash their teeth.  Only with Abraham there is not one single solitary shred of credible evidence that he ever existed.  But that fact is of little concern to his chosen people.

Myth, allegory or unholy hoax matters little as what he represents is nothing short of a great transition in human consciousness.  The fact that these two religions arise side by side in the very same land, and that the religion of Abraham will ultimately reach its climax through the birth of a child from the lineage of David to usher in the Age of Pisces and the martyrdom of the carnal man on the altar of the divine is far from coincidental.  In fact it may very well be that the story of the Bible (the Greatest Story Ever Sold) is in fact the exoteric version of the Esoteric Mysteries.

That is the profane have neither the will nor the wit to grasp the true inner workings of the Universe.  So we give them a watered down myth that says “Don’t Steal, Kill, Fuck your neighbors wife etc but above all worship Me and my representatives here on Earth (Get in line soldier!  Obey your Master, slave!  Get a job you lazy hippie!) and you’ll be rewarded in heaven.”

The esoteric version is what we find in the Mystery Schools that will basically tell you “we are licks of flame on a single fire.  As Above So Below.  And that pure meditation (or some really good acid) brings an awakening of the pineal gland by which “all of life is unified where I am you and what I see is me,” and other kick ass trippy revelations that basically tells you that eternity is here and now so if you wanna go to heaven smile and invoke a constant state of gratitude.

If you wanna go to hell just keep on going to that same fucking job day after day where they don’t appreciate you and every night is consumed with drinking away the fear that you’re about to be fired.  And God forbid that happen because how would you live even though its literally killing you, mind, body and soul, to get up every day and face that same bullshit.  Not to mention the money you’re making don’t cover the bills.

Let me stop again to state that I am not telling everyone to quit their jobs.  Perhaps this does not describe you in the least.  Perhaps you have a career that allows you great autonomy and creative freedom in which you couldn’t possibly be happier.  God bless you, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Perhaps your job is one in which some days suck others are great and most you just muddle through.  Ya know, that’s the real world, be grateful.  I mean I’m starting to speculate here and that’s not the point.

The point is that heaven and hell are not some place you go after you die.  I mean that eternity does not start the day you die man, its here and now.  In fact if you truly live forever, here and now is all you’re ever gonna really know.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” says JC and he should know.  And so should you and I.

So if eternity is here and now and here and now is eternity then I guess if we have a lot of heavenly “nows” well we’re pretty much in Heaven.  And the Bible says that in Heaven the angels sit around all day singing: “Holy Holy Holy, Great God Almighty,” probably to a good reggae beat.  Now the foreman at the mill where you shovel coal into the furnaces of hell will call you “unproductive.”  He’ll say get a job and shovel coal.  And do it faster.  And no unions.  And you’re docked every time you fart.  And lunch has to be eaten at your work station.  And no personal calls.  And no jokes.  And don’t disagree with his right wing politics.  In fact don’t think other than what we tell you to think.

And maybe you need that in your life because of whatever karmic trip you’re on.  And maybe to some people this sounds like hell and they’d rather hop a freight train with an old guitar and see where the road takes them.  And if they end up in jail, well it still beats working for a living LOL.

The Buddha was born a prince in a a palatial estate wherein he could have everything he desired simply for the asking.  The parallel to Adam and Eve should be apparent, but instead of eating from the Tree of Knowledge (the word “apple” is never used in the Book of Genesis, not once) his “sin” or fall from innocence came in going outside of the castle walls.  He left his comfy home in Hinsdale and went on the road.  There he experienced old age, poverty,death disease heartache and all of the aspects of life that he was not aware of growing up in such opulence.

Returning to Hinsdale everyone seemed so fucking smug and so truly uncool.  The veils had been rent and he could no longer sit so peacefully in his castle, his intellectual ivory tower if you will, as he somehow had a conscience.  And so he cast off his royal garb and stepped his soft pedicured feet out into the real world to learn the way to heal the pain, take away the sins.  Long story (like a million incarnations long) short, he came to awareness under a boddhisatva tree (named after him 🙂 and announced that all of life is suffering (a vale of tears) and that attachment to form, titles, people, places, things, momentary triumphs on the fickle wheel of fortune created and perpetuated suffering.

He, Buddha, born a prince became a beggar.  One evening he sat outside the castle walls with his beggar bowl and a sign saying “Will enlighten for food.”  A soldier of some rank stepped to him and said “Foolish old man, if you would serve the king you could feast every night.”  Buddha replied “Dear Sir, if you would eat a simple meal of beans and rice you would not need to serve the king.”

Also, as an Acupuncturist, by all objective measures, I have a very gentle and effective needling style.  Admittedly, the same cannot always be said for my so-called “wit,” which I, none-the-less find quite entertaining.  Even with my gentle and conscious needle technique, there is is still the occasional time when the patient feels the needle go in, and may experience varying degrees of discomfort.  Many things could be at work here, even quite possibly that I was less than sensitive at that moment or even missed the mark some and instead of being dead center in the point, hit instead some tiny collateral nerve which brings an unpleasant sensation.  There is another possibility as well.  Perhaps we’re dead center in a really sensitive (active) point.  Perhaps, unpleasant as this may be, it is EXACTLY where we need to focus.  Breathe.  Relax.  Let go of your defenses.  I promise this will do no harm.  See it stopped hurting already.


In the case of Acupuncture the needles do all the work now.  You just relax and go into that endorphin zone and your pineal gland releases DMT.  Where words and philosophy is concerned its not that easy.  But very often the stuff that gets our back up the most is exactly what we need to explore.  Sometimes, no doubt, the delivery of the messenger makes us resistant to the message.  Especially when he seems to be saying “You’re all a bunch of fucking slaves.”  But forgive him for a second his lack of diplomacy and listen to the heart of the message.


If you’re happy where you are no need to change it.  If not, at the very least you should have a Plan B, and probably Plan C as well.  An old Italian proverb says “a mouse with only one hole dies a quick death.”  Others say “plan for the worst and pray for the best.”  Still others say “ Noah it’s really starting to come down out there.  Can you move a little faster?”  All I can say is thank God Noah didn’t reply, “sorry kids I’m working late for Mammon”

As long as I’m preaching let’s go to the Bible and define heaven.  God created At-Ha-Adam to till the soil.  That was in the Garden of Eden.  Wanna get back to the garden?  Try Permaculture.  Hurry because the “devils” (the Masons in the Pentagon and the boardroom) are trying to make it illegal at the same time they’re destroying all the soil.

And so, at the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, the myth is played out at every level.  We’re moving into a New Age and we’re going to unify as a planet with the highest good for all concerned as the one and only objective in all our decisions and actions.  Like it or not Monsanto, that is what is going to happen.  We can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way.  But the easy way, in all reality might be to just wash the slate clean and leave the few still left after the Deluge to put it back together again, vowing never to repeat the same mistakes.  For the current system and all of its institutions are rotten to the core.  And they will be destroyed by cataclysm of every type until all the lies are exposed and the people won’t take this bullshit anymore.  And its happening.  And THEY are scared.  So are WE the people.  And not without good reason.

For Mother Earth and Father Sky are giving birth to a whole new age.  And the broken vessels of yesterday are going down, most likely in flames.  Because there is a whole new level of vibration happening.  And when Ella Fitzgerald hits that note that vibrates at that beautiful frequency, the crystal wine glass just can’t handle it’s intensity and it shatters.  From the perspective of the Universe, the Age of Pisces is a shattered vessel, like the Qabbalistic “world of shells.”

There is probably no place to hide.  And its probably useless to try to pick off a few of the agents of fear and repression before we fall, though I am not immune to the temptation.  The key, more than likely, is to really become the essence of who you truly are: The Divine.  It ain’t some thing outside of you.  That’s just the bullshit you’ve been sold.  And it ain’t your little ego either.  That’s just some perverse and juvenile form of satanism or some complete misunderstanding of Crowley.

Do as Thou (with a capital T) Wilt.  Sacrifice your True Will (not your drunken ramblings) on the altar of the Divine and live out the greatest words ever spoken, by a merciful Light Bearer who became the sacrifice of the Age now passing, an Avatar who came not to show you what he could do, but to show you what YOU can do, in his time of greatest agony and fear expressing the infinite power of self sacrifice, the dissolution of form into the true alchemical gold of living spirit.  Thy Will Be Done!

Take courage.  Follow your heart even if it means singing in the lions den.  For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.  And worlds shall and do pass away but pure energy can never be destroyed.  All matter breaks down, eventually, into Light.  The most enlightened among us will just get there a little faster.  And the more people that wake up to this true liberation the better this ride becomes.

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Blood and Water Through the Ages

Blood and Water through the Ages


Gods change and evolve all the time.  The vision I had of Jesus as a baby holding a lamb is a much different JC than the blue eyed Irish carpenter with impeccable grooming I see pictured everywhere today.  I’m certain from that picture and thereby the mental constructs we evoke that many so called “Christians” would be absolutely aghast to recognize the revolutionary Jew that hung out with sailors and whores, lived off the offerings, mostly of well to do widows while preaching a doctrine of “blessed are the poor.  What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?  Lazarus and the rich man and sharing what you have with the less fortunate.”  I could go on.


However, take that revolutionary Jew to a gathering of the Christian Right, perhaps even a Klan Rally (same thing different costume) where they invoke his name in the solemn prayer that their stock in Raytheon or GE will rise in proportion to the blood spilled in whatever just or unjust war we can fund both sides of.   That’s right.  The JC of the Christian Right bears absolutely no resemblance to the Yeheshuah of the Bible, who preaches a doctrine of liberation, being in the world and not of it.  And if one wishes to avoid confusion, and in the case of Christianity, the very real possibility of being tortured to death as a heretic, one would be very well advised to know just which JC they are invoking at any given time.


Even the God IHVH whose literal Hebrew translation is “He that is, was and forever shall be,” becomes quite the changeling when one realizes that perhaps this is not a proper name at all, not an anthropomorphized man in the sky, but a very subtle magical formula whose myriad permutations and Gematria Expansions such as Notariquon, Temura or the Qabbalah of Nine Chambers yield infinite twists, wisdom and identities of God which inevitably lead back to glimpses into hidden recesses of the Magicians own mind, which at the moment of the great Aha! expands into infinity.


The Constitution says what the Supreme Court says it says and God, ultimately is an individual experience within the consciousness and/or unconsciousness of the observer.  And history, at least since the Christians came on the scene, seems to be one long and dark chapter of groups enforcing the “Word of Love” by the sword, rack, stake, water-boarding, sanctions which starve children etc etc, all it seems, because God loves Americans (white ones at least.  The Jews, not so much anymore) and wants them to reclaim all the oil he mistakenly placed under the ground in the Middle East.  And we know God hates Muslims right???  And he only watches Fox News because he can’t stand the liberal media.  And he hates Mormons too.  And don’t get him started on illegal immigration.


God (Jesus, the one and only means of salvation) is in favor of lower taxes on the rich, perpetual war that corporations may profit and absolutely obliterating all signs of this one particular plant that he seems to have put in every soil and climate around the globe that just happens to cure cancer as well as a host of other maladies (like being an asshole right wing Republican).  No.  Bad move on his all knowing part.  Eradicate that plant!!!  And don’t abort fetuses either.  Wait instead until they are born and then its bombs away!


I could go on all day.  But the ultimate point is that this JC who has morphed so much in 2000 years is ultimately the Sky God of our post Neanderthal ancestors some 40,000 years ago.  Dig that.


See our Stone Age ancestors had the God of the hunt, and of fertility and of the lake and the sunset and the clandestine sexual romp ad infinitum.  Something greater than themselves who could and would provide protection and good fortune in their many endeavors.  As they certainly consumed the magical mushrooms, at times in vast quantities, specialists or shaman’s emerged who would spend their life in commune with the spirits and act as the liaison between the tribe and the spirit world.


As time went on and culture became more organized, languages developed etc these gods became Zeus and Hermes and Aphrodite and Aries.  The same soon became Jupiter Mercury Venus and Mars.  By Jove who was Jupiter became Jehovah as the creators of new religions built upon the successes of (while of course demonizing and patronizing) the religions of old.  And just as archeologists uncover ruins wherein cities and mounds were built, time after time, upon the ruins of the old, so did religions build continuously on the myths and legends that had gone before, changing a few names but keeping the essence.  In some cases the union was a happy and open one.  In others, most especially Christianity, all references to any other gods or former incarnations of the new god were systematically destroyed, burned or converted through the Christlike technique of hot lead enemas, racks, stakes, water-boarding, false accusations, and all sorts of fun things for woman hating child molesting sadists.


To peel away the onion and move back to the source is the goal of the Great Work, plain and simple.  It would be absurd to believe that we could work the sephira of Malkuth properly without renting the veils of the illusion of form.  For some, perhaps it is enough to say “the world (not the earth) in all its courses is corrupt.”  For others the work of purification involves penetrating the lies until “all that was colluded in darkness is shouted from rooftops.”  One may even be somewhat relieved to find that some of the historical misrepresentations were but conveniences and originated, if not from the best of intentions, certainly not as sinister as history would later prove them to be.  To the ceremonial magician (at least to this one) I believe the work to be invaluable as the quest for the historical identity and origin of God, is ultimately an inward reflection.


I have often asked “Why does the God of all the Universe before whom strange gods must not be even mentioned without ridicule, fail to come on the scene until about 6000 years ago and then to a fairly psychotic wanderer?”  When I asked a Fundamentalist I was told that it was because the Earth was only created 6000 years ago and that all scientific evidence to the contrary was the work of Satan.  Unsatisfied, I kept digging.  I discovered, to my amazement, that books other than the Bible actually existed.  Most recently I have found myself thumbing through one called Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium,by Lon Milo Duquette.  He traces this very topic, and the evolution of the Pantheon through monotheism by tracing the Astrological Ages in a manner I found most enlightening.  Here is what I have learned:


The Age of Leo stretched from 10,966 BC through 8830 B.C.  This corresponds with the end of the Ice Age when Homo Sapiens began replacing our Neanderthal forebears, though not entirely as a trip to certain rural areas of this nation will quickly reveal.  These were primarily matriarchal societies wherein the woman was seen as the Earth Mother.  The Earth “magically” became abundant with fruits and vegetables and animals and herbs that made you see visions.  So did woman, who at a certain age began to flow with the tides of the Moon, issuing forth blood at the Full Moon.  Blood which they may have noticed, made the earth more fertile.  Indeed fertility cults began sacrificing to the Earth goddesses because spilling blood on the earth makes it fertile!


Also women at some point would stop issuing blood and begin to grow large and voluptuous.  Milk would begin to issue from her breasts and new life would spring forth from her loins.  It was magically delicious and nothing short of miraculous.


It is quite possible at this time that they did not realize the role of the male in the magic of pregnancy, for as they did things began to change, dramatically.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


For now, the Queen Bee was encouraged to kick back and get fat while men went out in hunting parties.  On the occasion that one was killed they came back a hero and went down in oral tradition as a sacrifice to the clan, dying that we all might have life.  And to commemorate his exalted status a communal meal would occur wherein the greatest reverence and solemnity the clan would eat his body and drink his blood.  Sound familiar???


From there it was a short step to the idea that the consort of the Great Goddess would walk by her side and have all the blessings (riches, bitches and fame) heaped upon him for however long was the prescribed time and then he would, on whatever magical day was “traditional” be sacrificed in a ceremony and his body would be eaten and his blood turned into wine.


It wasn’t long before the Great Goddess came upon a consort she didn’t want to part with, or perhaps, conversely, one a bit too shrewd to accept his early demise, and so a young virgin male was put up in his stead.  In some tribes, DuQuette states (blame him not me 🙂 that the young virgin male was nailed to a tree and whipped with switches until he had an involuntary erection and subsequent ejaculation.  Now the Earth was really fertile.  Now we can eat!  The sacrifice is shedding blood and water thereby appeasing some wrathful god in the sky and creating quite the public spectacle in a time before TV.  Tempting as it is to follow this straight through let us also maintain our timeline.


The Age of Cancer ranged from 8830 B.C. through 6664 B.C.  This was a time of homesteading where the cultivation of crops, animal husbandry and cottage industries began to take form and prosper.  Interestingly enough the 4th House of Cancer also represents “the end of things,” and this is a time when the town of Jericho was first on the scene with its strange practice of decapitating the dead and burying them in the home.


The Age of Gemini (6663 B.C- 4499 B.C.) saw the Sumerian Civilization which is credited for the first language (Gemini): Proto-Indo European, the root language from which the Latin and Western European languages of today can trace their origins.  The fertility cults still reigned as statues and figures of phalluses and pregnant women in poses that would make Hustler blush, predominated, but changes manifest in the first appearance of the triune Lunar Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Moreover her male consort (still a sacrifice) was now seen riding a bull as animal domestication was now all the rage.  And as we moved into the Age of Taurus (4498 B.C. – 2332 B.C.) the bull, especially his horns, became the symbol of the consort of the goddess and his ultimate sacrifice.



It is in the Age of Taurus that, according to DuQuette, modern civilization really started catching on.  The Astrological Wheel was firmly in place, much as we know today. Certainly it existed before this but it was in this time when the signs became what we now know and the “Pagan Pantheons began to take on recognizable forms.”


It is here that the consort began to have his understudy play the role of sacrificial lamb as it became abundantly clear that the most fertile of goddesses were barren without the services of the great god who was quickly gaining in status.  So much so that a backlash was soon to take place wherein the goddess would get a taste of second class citizenship that would continue pretty much unabated to this present moment.


Patriarchy replaced matriarchy with more than a touch of hostility.  The Mesopotamian, Indian, Minoan and Egyptian Civilizations developed with religious deities and myths that bore striking similarities.  The Bull god Apis was the primary Egyptian god.  Taurus is ruled by Venus and exalts the Moon making her a female deity from stem to stern.  The Atom Heart Mother to quote Pink Floyd she is the nurturing Earth Goddess herself.  And so it seems the consort of the goddess domesticated more than just the steer.  He sublimated the goddess herself and began dominion over all the Earth.


Dominion means or at least implies a wise stewardship.  Wis-dom.  Wise dominion with the goddess is a loving give and take on pretty much every level.  Paying respect to her intuitive abilities and recognizing that male logic is not always superior and that the very nature of “rational” becomes pretty obsessive compulsive and therefore destructive.  The suit of swords in the Tarot will illustrate this quite well.  In fact, the 3 of Swords “Sorrow” is the only card in the deck that is a major negative “above the abyss.”


In other words, the first trinity  at the top of the Tree of Life (Kether Chockmah and Binah) are still in the world of spirit and therefore not at the mercy of dualistic fate.  But the sword, which represents intellect, even in its conception pierces the heart of the Great Mother so that by the 3 of Swords we’re already in trouble.  Look at the 9 and 10 as well as the 5, 7 and 8 and you’ll see that the Path of the sword (intellect, dividing this from that) is doomed from the beginning.  The only refuge is in the Rosicrucian “Science” of the 6.


But men, being the assholes that they are, said “fuck the earth mother, all her little meek people and all her creatures and women and pretty much anybody that pisses me off.  Let the maidens lose their baubles to my trade and let the soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.  Onward Christian Soldiers.  Onward Children of Abraham!”


So rather than live in wise harmony with the Earth and the goddess, exercising dominion, the barbarous souls among us chose the path of the sword, the path of domination which any blind Tarot Reader will tell you ends in death and is carpeted with misery.


And why not?  For the High Priests of Egypt while outwardly leading the ceremonies of Apis the Bull were secretly worshipping Scorpio, the opposite sign of Taurus which the Earth inhabits while the Sun is seen in the sign of the Taurean Earth Mother.  And so the priests of Egypt wear the serpent on their third eye in their ornate head dress.  Scorpio, Apohis, Destroyer!

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Precession of the Equinoxes

The world is at a point of radical change, a tipping point if you will.  The ’60’s was an immature awakening, the birth of a New Age, New Consciousness, New Aeon.  But it was in the hands of children who lacked the necessary discipline to rightly divide the word or to persevere in the face of established resistance , which came all to often in the form of Daddy saying “come on home boy.  Let me get you a cushy job.”  The Black and Brown revolutionaries ended up in jail while the white ones became Professors with book deals looking back on those whacky days of radicalism and helping society to relegate the revolution to the storage shed with all other anomalies.

But the Universe itself is moving on, as we shall see.  And so you can co-opt the Revolutionary, bring corporate sponsorship to the Revolution, but the most you can do in the face of the changing Aeon is to perhaps wipe out the world population.  Whether or not God or the space men or even some political figure not entirely corrupted by corporate dollars (and hopefully bullet proof as well) will come in the final reel to save us from ourselves is anyones guess.  But we as a world are moving into the Age of Aquarius, the Aeon of Horus and we are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle (A Great Year) as well.  So put all the laws in place to keep the sheeple in line.  Uranus is gonna blow this pop stand wide open and I don’t think St Peter takes Master Card.  The Church may (LOL) but I don’t think that will get you far in the Kingdom of Heaven either.

In the 60’s Uranus in Virgo was opposite Saturn in Pisces.  That is to say that the revolutionary, free thinking iconoclast in the realm of the Earth Mother, virgin Isis or in her later incarnation Mary, seeded by God (heavenly process) and prepared to give birth was actively opposed by the entrenched system.  We were (are?) in the Age of Pisces.  At least the Sun is.  From a heliocentric position the Earth is in the Age of Virgo and so this polar opposition was indeed most telling.

And perhaps, like the child Jesus, the so-called “hippies” just figured that as soon as everyone heard the good news and turned on we’d all just groove, turn our homes into crash pads and all ancient wounds would be forgotten in a nice peyote ceremony.  And much like Jesus the Roman Army and its lick spittles (FBI, CIA, Local Police etc) pretty much crushed the rebellion and all its leaders.  The ones it didn’t crush outright it bought off and then they co-opted the hair and dress into a fashion worn by everyone.  Crazy side burns and very gay polyester bell-bottoms were in even at the Brady Bunch Home.

Then a few years back that opposition repeated itself, only 180* opposite.  In other words Saturn was now in Virgo with Uranus in Pisces, and I as an Astrologer couldn’t help thinking that maybe the Revolution had matured while the so-called Revolutionaries just got old.  40 years…hmmm.  The Biblical number of probation.  The number of years that the unbelieving generation wandered in the desert, knowing of but never reaching the Promised Land.  Only Joshua and Caleb were preserved in their youth to actually take what they should have, but were not ready to take 40 years ago.

And while this is significant Astrologically, along with the fact that Pluto is in Capricorn, last seen (or not seen) there during the American and French Revolutions, it should be clear not only to any third rate Astrologer but to anyone who reads the papers that the absolute most hidden filth in the deepest invaginations of the Plutocracy we call corporate America will be forced to the surface with the fits and spats of dysenteric diarrhea until the patient finally recognizes the cause and takes the fucking cure.  And not unlike so many patients I see in my Acupuncture practice, the cause of the disease is the lifestyle they covet and cherish and they would literally rather die than give up smoking, drinking eating processed garbage and lying to themselves over every detail.

So rather than recognize that capitalism is the disease and the need to get bigger bigger bigger is the mentality of a cancer which ultimately destroys its host, instead of recognizing that the Earth is a fragile eco system orbiting a spectacularly stable star in an otherwise uninhabitable infinitude, and saying “hey maybe we should take care of this place for ourselves and posterity,” we blow up mountains and drill the oceans and turn the atmosphere into a microwave.  We shoot nuclear radioactive levels of DU (depleted uranium) all over the Middle East but especially Iraq, and just plain lie and cover up the fact that cancer and really really nasty birth defects are up exponentially.  Then we build prisons for the dissidents (attack what few health cells are left) and blame them for all our misdeeds.

It is psychopathic and it is cancerous.  And we can’t give it up because we just cannot imagine living without all the neurosis that our greed can buy (on credit).  “And even still they would not stop their witchcraft”

So how exactly did we get in this mess?  Better still where are we headed?  We are on a ride through the Ages into a New Age that, like all new ages, will make devils out of the gods of the old age.  The first will be the last.  He who tells you today “grab a shovel and be productive (shovel coal into the furnace of hell)” will soon be wailing “Forgive me I was blind.”  It is nothing new.  It has happened a number of times throughout human history.

To digress for a moment I learned recently from a Terrence McKenna youtube that most stars only last about 700,000,000 (thats seven hundred MILLION) years.  Our Sun is already 2,000,000,000 (thats 2 BILLION).  Our Sun is already 3X older than the average star will ever get and its still rocking.  It is an incredibly stable star system.  Biological evolution has been occurring on Earth for 200,000,000 years.  That means that 90% of the Earths life was completely desolate.  Perhaps the Sun was hotter.  Perhaps hot enough to have sustained life on Mars.

Of that maybe human beings have been around for 2,000,000 years and of that written history is no more than about 50,000 years old.  Capitalism, by the way, has been around for perhaps 300 years.  To conclude that the Universe would miss us, or the US dollar would require a level of ignorance that would challenge Fox News.  How many Egyptian Sheckles does it take to buy a loaf of bread?  Well I guess if they’re pure gold you could buy the whole US government.  But if it’s FIAT Currency made of paper well you can guess what it’s worth today.  Such is the fate of the US dollar and such is the fate of the current Fascist/Corporate system of government.  But today, unlike in 1967, I believe it is permanent and certain.

As a world we have experienced many Ages.  Ask an archeologist and they will tell you of the Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, Iron Age, perhaps even Space Age  also known as NASA Sound Stage Age.  A Sociologist might tell you of the Dark Ages and subsequent Renaissance.  The Age of Enlightenment, and perhaps even the Golden Age  when men walked with the gods and magick filled the air.

Talk to an Astrologer and you will learn that the Sun in its elliptical path around the Zodiac loses 1* every 72 years.  This gives the Sun an ever so slight retrograde motion by which it moves backwards one sign every 2,160 years.  It is called the “Precession of the Equinoxes.”  Multiply 2,166 by 12 and you will find that in 26,000 years the entire Zodiac will have been circumambulated.  This, Astronomers beginning I believe with Ptolemy or perhaps Pythagoras or even Plato, have labelled “The Great Year.”  And that is where we stand today.  That’s right…this time its different.

In reading Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium, by Lon Milo DuQuette I became quite interested in brief and enlightening narrative of the historical movement of the Ages and the evolution of religious beliefs and practices.  Much mystery indeed became clear and I am going to attempt to capture this narrative in my own style and perhaps with my own emphasis.  I find that this historical understanding makes me all the more certain and perhaps slightly less tentative about the great, even cataclysmic changes that are approaching.  I died as a rock and became a plant, as a plant I evolved into an animal, from which I became a man.  Let me shed this mortal coil and awaken the god within.  How splendid the adventure.  Viva la revolucion!

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